Griffin Remediation Services, Inc.

Griffin Remediation Services (GRS) is a national, full-service
remediation company dedicated to providing safe and innovative
solutions to problem situations involving hazardous substances. As
an affiliated company of Griffin Dewatering Corp., GRS was created
to deal with the control of contaminated groundwater and other
associated hazardous waste problems. Our technical staff consists
of engineers, hydrogeologists, environmental specialists, and field
operations personnel, whose education and experience qualifies
them to develop and implement cost-effective, comprehensive
solutions to a wide spectrum of environmental problems.

Groundwater Experience
GRS capitalizes on the 75 years of groundwater control
experience of its affiliate Griffin Dewatering Corporation. Utilizing
this experience, Griffin’s technical staff employs innovative
technologies focused on containment, recovery, treatment or
disposal of hazardous or non hazardous groundwater pollutants and
contaminated groundwater. Our strength in project management
and our specialized equipment fabrication capabilities, combined
with the diversified expertise of our personnel, allow GRS to
confidently serve private industry and governmental agencies in a
professional and cost-effective manner.

Nation-wide Remedial Services
From our 8 locations throughout North America, GRS can provide
contractor services and project management on projects ranging from
emergency response actions to long-term, onsite closures.

Groundwater Recovery and
Treatment Systems

GRS can design and install complete recovery systems, including
deep wells, eductors, or wellpoints for recovery of contaminated
groundwater or free product. The systems can be combined with permanent or mobile on-site treatment systems or equipment, such as air strippers, activated carbon and greensand filtration. GRS can provide
long term operation and complete maintenance of the systems.

Dewatering Systems
Utilizing Griffin’s groundwater control expertise, GRS can dewater
a site using deep wells, eductors, wellpoints, sumping, or pumping.
GRS can provide the exact system required, allowing for groundwater
level, depth of excavation, soil conditions, and quantity of water to be

Groundwater Recharge Systems
The specialized equipment that Griffin designs and manufactures
has also been utilized in the development and installation of
recharge or injection systems. Our inventory includes various
types and sizes of pumps and pumping equipment that enable us
to install a system to pump controlled volumes of clean or treated
water back into the ground.

Soil and Gas Vent Installation

Utilizing our groundwater control expertise, GRS can install any type
of soil or gas venting wells. This includes construction of passive
landfill gas vent systems, gas probe well clusters and methane gas
collection systems.

Sludge Pumping and Conveyance
Utilizing our own lines of pumps, or other specialized pumping equipment, GRS can convey large volumes of contaminated water and high solids content sludge. Our own pump line includes: Trash pumps,
Axial – Flow pumps, and Materials Handling pumps. We manufacture,
sell, and lease these pumps for application with refinery sludges, industrial wastes, slurries, raw sewage or mining operations wastes.

Slurry Trench Containment

GRS employs the slurry trench technique to prevent the underground
seepage of liquid wastes or to isolate solid waste leachate in order to
prevent the migration of contaminants.

A bentonite slurry is pumped into a narrow trench, as it is being
excavated through pervious deposits and keyed into an underlying
aquaclude. The heavy slurry supports the walls of the trench,
allowing excavation to proceed until the trench can be backfilled.
After the trench is complete, it is backfilled with an engineered
material, which has been designed to have the desired permeability
characteristics and resistance to chemical degradation.

Project Management

Upon receipt of a formal request for proposal, GRS will select the
project team that is best suited to study your specific scope of work
and actual site conditions.

The entire team will be selected to guarantee results, prompt
execution and cost effectiveness based on demonstrated personal
qualifications and company experience.

GRS approaches each project in a safe and disciplined manner,
ensuring client confidentiality and satisfaction. We understand that
factors vary greatly from project to project, and we will treat your site
on an individual and specialized basis.
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Flare station for air-stripping in South Florida.
Remediation, contaminated groundwater, hazardous waste, environmental problems
Griffin Remediation Services specializes in the bioremediation of contaminated water, soil and sludge using a wide variety of different methods depending on the project variables involved.
recharge, injection systems, clean or treated water, contaminated water, refinery sludges, industrial wastes, slurries, raw sewage, mining operations, wastes, site conditions
With over 75 years of experience in ground water control systems,Griffin understands the challenges presented by complex remediation projects. We use the latest technologies to offer an efficient and cost-effective total solution package for your remediation needs.
Slurry trench, containment barriers, underground seepage, liquid wastes, isolate, leachate, solid waste, contamination of groundwater, bentonite, slurry trench, aquaclude
Slurry Walls are used at waste sites to contain contaminated groundwater or at “clean” sites to dewater excavations for damsand other structures.
soil or gas venting, wells, passive, landfill gas vent systems, gas probe, well clusters, methane gas migration control systems
Flare station for landfill gas extraction system in central California.
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